Freemasonry is the oldest and largest worldwide fraternity dedicated to the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of a Supreme Being (We have members of all faiths). Although of a religious nature, Freemasonry is not a religion. It urges its members however, to be faithful and devoted to their own religious beliefs.

You'll find Masonic Lodges around the world! The organization of Freemasonry is based on a system of Grand Lodge, each sovereign within its own territory. There is no central authority governing all Grand Lodges. However, to be acknowledged by others, accepted traditions, standards and practices must be maintained. In our Province the governing body is called the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario. It is under the leadership of a Grand Master. He presides over the 57,000 Masons who belong to one or more of the 611 Lodges in our jurisdiction. Each of these lodges is under the direction of a Master.

As a fraternity, Freemasonry provides an opportunity for men to meet and enjoy friendly companionship. In the spirit of helpfulness and brotherly love and guided by strict moral principles, it encourages goodwill toward all mankind. Freemasonry is of a personal nature in its private ceremonies. Its ritual dramatizes a philosophy of life based on morality; it promotes self-improvement. The tools of operative masons are used to symbolize and teach the basic principles of brotherly love, charity and truth which Masons are encouraged to practice in their daily lives, Charity is tangible way in which Masons help those whose circumstances in like fairly warrant it.

The fraternity does not conceal its existence, purpose, aims or principles. Masonic Halls bearing the lodge name and emblem are familiar sights in towns and cities throughout Ontario. Many members proudly wear Masonic insignia on rings, pins and emblems on their vehicles.
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Prepared by:
R. W. Bro John Imire

The purpose of this 60 year historical sketch is to look back and reminisce about our good times and also our difficult times. We have celebrated joyous occasions and grieved together in times of sadness and sorrow, but through it all we were secure in the knowledge that we were brothers.

What would life have been like without Kempenfeldt Lodge No. 673? We will never know. However, we can be sure that we would be devoid of the wonderful mysteries and mysteries of the Craft, and the fellowship of countless Brother Masons. We cannot take these benefits for granted. From the beginning, our history has been greatly enriched by the foresight of those inspired founders of Kempenfeldt Lodge No. 673.

It was in the late 1940's and Barrie was a beehive of activity with veterans returning from overseas, branch offices springing up and industry was starting up all over. With these developments, came masons of every rank and file and masonry was on the upswing, much like today. Therefore it seemed that a third lodge in Barrie was needed. The two established lodges at that time were Corinthian Lodge No. 96 and Kerr Lodge No. 230.

In 1946, The Hydro Electric Power Commission (Ontario Hydro now Hydro One) was setting up a regional office in Barrie and the rural aspect of the company was established as well. Two men were brought together through their employment with Hydro Electric Commission of Ontario. These two individuals were Rt. W. Bro, James Poppelton, Past D.D.G.M. of Georgian District and Past Master of Victoria Lodge and W. Bro. Charles Cease a Past Master of Delta Lodge # 643 of Toronto and the formation of a third lodge in Barrie was their main topic of discussion.

A drafted letter was soon sent to Rt. W. Bro. J. Kenneth McAuley who was at that time the D.D.G.M. of Georgian District outlining the reasons for a new lodge and had selected W. Bro. Charles Crease as Master, W. Bro. Roy Knightly, a Past Master of Corinthian Lodge as Senior Warden and Bro. Les Chittick a member of Corinthian Lodge as well as Junior Warden, due to his past experience and association with the Scottish Rite bodies.

The lodge name was chosen and named after the British Admiral Richard Kempenfelt and which the Bay is named as well. It was also decided to add the letter D between the F and the T. The letter D signifying DIVITY, DUTY AND DEVOTION to the Craft.

On October 3rd 1952, due to the leadership Rt. W. Bro. James Poppleton and W. Bro. Charles Crease, a formation meeting of Kempenfeldt Lodge was held at the Masonic Temple at 17 Owen Street in Barrie with 28 brethren in attendance. At this time the election of officers were conducted and those elected for the formation of the lodge were as follows:

Worshipful Master W. Bro. C.E. Crease Immediate Past Master Rt. W. Bro. F. Shannon
60 Years of Kempenfeldt Lodge 673
Kempenfeldt Lodge, A.F. & A.M. No. 673, G.R.C.
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